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Reservation of Rights and Disclaimers

TransWest reserves the right, without limitation or qualification and in its sole discretion, to terminate or suspend this transmission capacity allocation process in whole or in part at any time. Further, without limiting the foregoing, TransWest reserves the right to reject any or all Statements of Interest that are incomplete or that fail to establish the potential customer’s eligibility pursuant to the FERC-approved eligibility criteria. TransWest further reserves the right to decline to enter into any agreement with any potential customer for any reason, including but not limited to changes in regulations or regulatory requirements.

Potential customers who submit Statements of Interest or otherwise participate in this capacity allocation process do so without recourse against TransWest, its parent company, its affiliates and its subsidiaries, against any director, officer, employee, agent, or representative of any of them, and against the Independent Solicitation Manager, for any modification or withdrawal of this capacity allocation process, rejection of any Statement of Interest, failure to enter into an agreement, or for any other reasons relating to or arising out of this capacity allocation process.  


Potential transmission customers must register in order to participate in the Open Solicitation and access additional information on the Project and products offered. In order to become a Registered Participant, please complete the below Registration Form, as well as print and execute the Mutual Confidentiality Agreement and submit it to

Only Registered Participants will be able to participate in the Open Solicitation. For additional Project information, please see About and Documents. No registration is necessary to review the non-confidential information that is available on this website.

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