PA Consulting will use this page to post answers to questions about the Open Solicitation process and documents available to the public. There will be an additional FAQ page available to registered participants. Check back often.

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Q1:​ Is it possible to interconnect to the TWE Project’s DC transmission line in Utah? 
A1:​ Only two transmission service products are being offered during the 2021 Open Solicitation – Wyoming to Utah and Wyoming to Nevada – both of which will originate at the Wyoming terminal. If there is capacity remaining after the initial allocation via the 2021 Open Solicitation, there could be additional transmission service products offered under the Open Access Transmission Tariff (OATT). Additional transmission service products offered under the OATT would be contingent upon remaining capacity.

Q2: ​Does the location of a generation project that seeks to interconnect to the TWE Project and/or the technology of such generation project impact how a Statement of Interest will be received?
A2:​ Statements of Interest must satisfy the eligibility criteria and will be ranked according to the evaluation criteria. Both sets of criteria are listed in Section III.E of the Information Memo posted on

Q3:​ We are developing a resource with [_______] technology located at/in [______]. Should we respond to this solicitation?
A3:​ We cannot make such judgments on behalf of a prospective participant.

Q4: Is a certain stage of project development required in order to participate in the Open Solicitation?
A4: Information regarding eligibility criteria is outlined in the TransWest Express Open Solicitation Information Memorandum in Section III.E. No specific stage of development is required, but the progress of a project’s development does factor into the ranking criteria when evaluating Statements of Interest.

Q5: Is it correct that the Customer Agreement is primarily intended for both parties to agree to the major terms of the eventual transmission services agreement (TSA), and that not all technical details need to be fully defined at this time? For example, is it correct that the TSA will provide more information regarding the Point of Receipt (POR) and various Delivery Points (POD)?
A5: The assumption is correct with respect to the intent of the TSA term sheet and the extent of technical details that need to be defined at this time. As outlined in the TSA term sheet, there are several technical details that will be addressed in the eventual TSA. Additional technical information on the POD/POR will be established as part of the various interconnection processes with other entities. These technical details will be made available and incorporated in the TSA in accordance to the pro forma OATT.